Galatea - Ship's AI
Portrayed By Alyson Hannigan
Rank None
Position Ship's AI
Station USS Redemption NCC-80135
Sex Female
Species Artificial Intelligence
Age N/A
Place of Birth Starfleet Research and Development
Date of Birth Dec 31, 2377
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Family N/A
Significant Other(s) N/A
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Galatea is the ship's Artificial Intelligence system.

Character History:

Project 'Galatea' was commissioned by Starfleet Command after they briefly investigated a modified version of the EMH called the ECH. Emergency Command Hologram. The ECH program was a bust, but Starfleet still wanted a system that could take control of the ship in the even of catastrophic crew losses.

Project development began in March of 2376. Starfleet programmers began with the basic EMH subroutines, and added to them. It was a labor of love for nearly 3 years. In December of 2378, Starfleet R&D certified the code as gold. It had been run through several tests in the lab and was proven to have become 'aware'.

After the new year started, programmers began working on integrating the holographic aspect to the system. In May of 2379, the first image of the AI came to life on the lab holo-emitters. The very first time she appeared, Galatea adopted the Starfleet duty uniform as her initial attire. When asked why she chose a female form, she responded, "Because it fit who I am." From that point, the designers knew they had succeeded.

In October of 2379, Galatea and her programming were transferred to the new MARK-XII computer core installed in the USS Redemption. Engineers worked round the clock to install holo-emitters throughout the entire ship. In addition, the mobile emitter that the Voyager's EMH used was duplicated and issued to the ship thanks to a breakthrough in nano-technology. After everything was installed, Galatea was brought online.

When she first appeared in Main Engineering, she stood motionless and silent for several minutes. R&D noted this was due to her programming establishing links to every other system on the ship. Suddenly, she blinked. And then turned to the group of developers and engineers standing nearby. "Commander." she said, nodding towards the lead project engineer. "The anti-matter intermix flow is off by .07 microns causing a loss of 4% efficiency. Do you wish me to correct it?"

There were cheers throughout the room as it was confirmed that Galatea now had full access to the ship's functions. Still, some in Starfleet Command wondered how the AI would react to a request for auto-destruct. R&D developers demonstrated this to Command flag officers during the shakedown cruise. A simulation was run that had no other outcome other than destruction of the ship. On the bridge, Galatea suddenly appeared. "Admiral, calculations show there is no other outcome for this scenario. Would you like me to initiate auto-destruct?" For Command, that sealed it. When your AI suggests destruction of itself, there was no doubt. Starfleet R&D did integrate a feature a short time later. A small torpedo tube refitted with a minature computer core and micro-warp drive. In the event of total ship destruction, Galatea could dump her programming to a bank of isolinear chips in the torpedoes core. When the dump was done, the torpedo is jettisoned and has a pre-programmed return program to Starfleet Command.

From the time Galatea was first brought online, and throughout her shakedown cruise, she has constantly been learning at a rate faster than anyone in R&D could have predicted. By the time the Redemption was officially commissioned, she was acting almost 'human'.

Starfleet Information

Developer: Starfleet Research and Design
Project Number: GL-553291
Project Division: Systems Integration - Starship
Project Classification: Artificial Intelligence

Design Lead: Commander Jorgen Devereux
Production Start Date: 2376
First Activation: 2377
Gold Certification: 2378
Holographic Activation: 2379

Systems Integration: 100%
Systems Linked: All ship's systems and components. Galatea can tell you what the EPS Power Relay on Deck Twelve, Subsection J is reading.

Shutdown Authorization: Captain, Executive Officer, and Chief Engineer.


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