Mackenzie Falrose
Portrayed By Ian Somerhalder
Birth Name Luken
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Position Chief Engineering Officer
Station USS Redemption NCC-80135
Sex Male
Species Orion
Age 30
Place of Birth Tenaral IV
Date of Birth March 8, 2350
Height 6'
Weight 160 lbs.
Family Parents: Jon and Kerri Falrose
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance Stardate 57329.6 - Bar Flies
Last Appearance

Character History:

Puck, off duty.

Luken was born on the Orion border colony of Tenaral IV in 2350, the son of a clothing trader and his slave wife. When he was five, members of the Orion Syndicate invaded, looted, and destroyed the small Orion colony. A Federation vessel, the U.S.S. Appalachian, answered the distress call, but found the colony razed, all of its inhabitants slaughtered except for a five year old Orion boy, Luken, who was cowering at the bottom of a well.

The boy was adopted by Jon and Kerri Falrose, wealthy human traders who had established standard trade dealings with Tenaral IV and wanted to help. Renamed Mackenzie, he was taken to their estate and raised in New Berlin, on Luna. Mackenzie was an angry youth, and found release in the ice rink playing hockey. Nearly everyone called him, "Puck," and he enjoyed the attention.

Eventually, this lead Mackenzie to begin playing in an underground MagHockey League, an illegal sport created by the Ferengi from the Earth sport hockey, but with a violent twist. Mackenzie was a natural, and rose to be quite popular in the underground during his teenage years as a star player. On several occasions, Mackenzie was arrested in raids, but each time, his influential father would get the case thrown out, or his juvenile records simply sealed.

After a mag hockey tourney on New Berlin, Luna, when Puck was 16 years old.

At the insistence of his mother, Mackenzie joined Starfleet Academy as soon as he could. She wanted him to get away from his father's heavy hand, and hoped the discipline might curb his violent temper. He very quickly realized he had a penchant for Propulsion Engineering, and focused his Academy studies in those areas. It was at the Academy that he first met Dell Conaby, a human who was also focusing on Engineering studies. The two of them very quickly became best friends, and nearly inseparable.

Throughout the Academy, they remained close, until they began to compete for the attention of a female student named Alana Shephard. She was a computer engineer, a year behind them, and beautiful. It's unclear which of them fell for her first, but they were both smitten and pining nearly from the beginning. Their competition began friendly enough, like schoolboy jocks making locker room talk. When Mackenzie scored the first date with her, the true game began. Mackenzie dated her for nearly a year before she elected to end things, citing her confusion over Dell and her desire to not be the reason for their friendship to end. By the time they graduated the Academy, however, their friendship had indeed begun to erode, turning into a rivalry that enveloped even their school work and holodeck times. Alana was trying to remain neutral, but the boys made it very difficult.

During his junior year at the Academy, Mackenzie participated in a maghockey tournament in the underground of New Berlin, while home for holiday break. During the game, he broke his left arm in several places, which later would make his elbow more susceptible to being knocked out of its socket. It also earned him a visit from a Starfleet Officer while at the hospital, ending with him being suspended from the Academy for a semester. Fearing Dell would move in on Alana while he was out, he made sure to return.

Once aboard their cadet cruise on the USS Mynos, they had left Alana behind for her final year at the Academy. Their rivalry did not fade, however, and they both continued to vie for her attention over subspace. During the cruise, a malfunctioning plasma injection coil caused an explosion, leaving a destroyed engineering department that was flooding with poisonous gasses and radiation. Communication with the bridge was wiped out in the blast, and the Chief Engineer had been killed. Conaby had become trapped in the disaster, and as others fled, Mackenzie went deeper into the wreckage to dig out his colleague. While the other cadets evacuated the department, Mackenzie freed the unconscious Conaby, and quickly assessed the rapidly deteriorating condition of the warp core. As he dragged Conaby to safety, Mackenzie made the decision on his own to manually eject the core. Later investigation would determine he had saved the vessel, and he was awarded the Nebula Star.

The injuries Dell Conaby sustained were fairly severe, and they quickly earned him the empathy of Alana Shephard. In fact, it served to be the catalyst that brought them finally together more intimately. As Mackenzie was reassigned to the USS Benton, Alana and Dell began serious dating, and worked to ensure they would be stationed together at their next post.

Puck at the Falrose Estate in New Berlin, Luna.

The USS Benton was a newly commissioned vessel primarily assigned to diplomatic transport to and from the Federation capitol planets. Service aboard the vessel was fairly uneventful, with the exception of its participation in the Battle of Sector 001 against the Borg. The ship was beat pretty badly, as were all of the vessels involved, but was not destroyed. Mackenzie was given a Commendation for his participation in the battle. In February of 2374, he learned that Conaby had won Alana's hand in marriage, and he fell into a depression. He skipped the wedding, finally putting the last seal on the crumbling friendship, and making him wish he had never saved him. His short temper grew worse, and he even resorted to picking fights in the crew lounge, earning him a reprimand. His career would recover, even if his anger would not.

Wanting as far away as possible, Mackenzie applied for and was accepted in the officer exchange program. Stationed in engineering on a K'Tinga class Kilingon battlecruiser, the IKS Tor'Cha, Mackenzie worked out his frustrations involving losing his fight over the girl through the ferocity of Klingon culture. While aboard the Tor'Cha, he participated in several conflicts in the Dominion war, earning him the distinction of being the only Starfleet Officer to earn a Dominion Conflict Service Medal solely for duties aboard a non-Starfleet vessel.

Returning to Starfleet, Mackenzie was stationed aboard the USS Lincoln. While the tour of duty aboard the Lincoln was rather standard, his social life was not. He was in several more fist fights with crewmen, both aboard the Lincoln, and on outposts during shore leave, and spend a great deal of his free time playing violent bouts of hockey in the holodeck and romancing females who were just looking for some short term companionship. Finally, he was promoted to the rank of Lt. Cmdr., and given his very own Engineering department. Chosen for his Theoretical Engineering schooling and warp drive expertise, his ship would be the newly commissioned, experimental warp drive touting, USS Redemption.

Personality Profile

Lieutenant Veronica Hayes, USS Lincoln

Lt. Cdr. Falrose is a competent officer who exhibits a gift for empathy towards his fellow crew members, yet often has trouble conveying said empathy. He seems to be able to read his associates quite well, determining their current emotional states and discerning why they feel as they do, but does not apply that knowledge to foster relationships. He has a short temper, and a history of simple brawls stemming from it. It is likely a result of his Orion temperament being raised in a human home. Falrose maintains a venting system for his temper, usually with aggressive sports simulations in the holodeck, which generally helps him to hold an even keel. There is also an underlying depression over a woman from his past, Lt. Alana Shephard-Conaby (Computer Specialist assigned to the USS Talon), and a jealous hatred towards his former best friend, Lt. Commander Dell Conaby (Structural Design Engineer supervising refit of USS Talon). Falrose seems to never have fully recovered from her choosing Conaby over him. There is also a frivolous attitude towards sexual encounters that seems to be a result of that rejection, as well as a lack of effort towards seeking new love. He has no outward feelings towards his father, and refuses to talk about him. Signs suggest perhaps an abusive relationship occurred. He is very fond of his mother, and speaks highly and often of her. Overall, Lt. Cdr. Falrose needs to continue to keep his temper in check, and work towards some closure concerning the Conabys, while trying to perhaps pursue new long term companionship elsewhere.

Starfleet Information

Stardate Type Station Position Description
45580.8 ENROLLMENT Starfleet Academy Cadet Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
45580.8 ASSIGNMENT SFA: Beta Squadron Cadet Engineer Joined Academy Beta Squadron
47991.8 REPRIMAND SFA: Beta Squadron Cadet Engineer Suspended for one semester - Caught playing in illegal underground MagHockey Tournament in New Berlin, Luna during break
49452.1 GRADUATION SFA Cadet Graduated Starfleet Academy
49452.2 COMMISSION NONE NONE Commissioned Ensign
49479.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Mynos NCC-2308 Engineering Officer Assigned USS Mynos as Engineering Officer
50106.8 AWARD USS Mynos NCC-2308 Engineering Officer Nebula Star for acting with independent bravory and valor in saving the USS Mynos during a training cruise accident
50423.2 ASSIGNMENT USS Benton NCC-69130 Engineering Officer Assigned to USS Benton
50452.1 PROMOTION USS Benton NCC-69130 Engineering Officer Lieutenant JG
50915.1 AWARD USS Benton NCC-69130 Engineering Officer Starfleet Commendation for service aboard USS Benton during Borg cube attack on Earth
51131.5 REPRIMAND USS Benton NCC-69130 Engineering Officer Reprimand for fist fight in crew lounge
52580.3 ASSIGNMENT IKS Tor'Cha / Klingon Battle Cruiser Engineering Officer Assigned to IKS Tor'Cha as part of Officer Exchange Program
52808.2 ASSIGNMENT USS Lincoln NCC-1502A Warp Drive Engineer Assigned to USS Lincoln
52813.7 AWARD USS Lincoln NCC-1502A Engineering Officer Dominion Conflict Service Medal; Holds distinction of being the only Starfleet officer to receive this award solely for duties aboard a non-Starfleet vessel (IKS Tor'Cha)
52937.0 PROMOTION USS Lincoln NCC-1502A Warp Drive Engineer Lieutenant
54219.2 REPRIMAND USS Lincoln NCC-1502A Warp Drive Engineer Reprimand for fist fight on DS9 in bar
55912.3 REPRIMAND USS Lincoln NCC-1502A Warp Drive Engineer Reprimand for fist fight in crew lounge
57328.7 PROMOTION USS Lincoln NCC-1502A Warp Drive Engineer Lieutenant Commander
57328.8 ASSIGNMENT USS Redmption NCC-80135 Chief Engineering Officer Assigned to USS Redemption

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