Joran Crayn
Portrayed By John Cena
Rank Lieutenant JG
Position Asst. Chief Of Security
Station USS Redemption
Sex Male
Species Human
Age 28
Place of Birth Boston, Massachusetts, Earth
Date of Birth 21 Apr 2352
Height 6'1"
Weight 240
Family Robert and Marie Crayn (Parents)
Significant Other(s) N/A
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Joran Crayn is a Lieutenant JG stationed aboard the USS Redemption NCC-80135. He currently holds the position of Assistant Chief of Security.

Character History:

Joran Crayn was born in 2352 on Earth. His parents, Robert and Marie Crayn owned a succesful shipping business. Being an only child with busy parents, Joran spent a good bit of his childhood at the spaceport where the spacers would be delivering goods to and from Boston. He'd been enticed into the idea of space life from early on. Joran was a good student, never having a problem with keeping his mind to task. He didn't have to daydream, since he spent his time out of school listening to the true stories from the crews of transport and container ships. Joran was friendly enough, but he wasn't the most outgoing child. Joran's size was always an issue socially. He was nearly twice the size of all the children in his primary classes, and children at that young age are cruel. He'd been made to feel like an outcast, and this led to the social anxiety that he still experiences today. Luckily he'd made a couple close friends and they'd stuck together through all of Jo's childhood.

As teenagers and entering into secondary (high) school, Joran's size became more of a asset then a hinderance. He'd been in fit shape his entire life, lending a hand in carrying freight at the spaceport. He'd also begun weight training and a fitness regimen. It was also at this time that Joran had begun studying Martial Arts. The idea was that, despite his large size, he could be agile and precise with the knowledge of martial arts to lean on. All of this made Jo a strong, fit powerhouse and it came in handy when he'd signed up to play football. Jo's shyness stopped him from being a hot-dogging star, but instead it gave him the strength to be a strong support for the team, helping them pull together to make it to the territory's championship game. They'd lost, but the pride of a job well done was there. Joran's grades and athletic prowess made him an easy candidate for Starfleet Academy, much to his parents' chagrin. They were hoping that his knowledge would lead him to taking over the family business, but they encouraged him to follow his own path.

In the summer before going off to San Francisco, Jo and his friends decided to go on a camping trip in the Berkshire Mountains. As part of a 'last hurrah' before the trio had gone their seperate ways, they'd decided to climb up a mountain. Upon finding a cave, the three decided to go explore it. Due to some freak circumstance, a cave-in had closed the entrance of the cave. The three were trapped for a couple of days, calmly rationing off supplies and trying to communicate with the outside world. When hope was starting to die, Joran decided to go looking further into the cave. It was here that he'd found a source of water, and was able to follow it to a small opening in the rock. With the will to live and to see his friends safe, he'd organized the three together and, using his strength and size were able to make the opening wide enough to get his friends out. Joran was too big, but once outside the mountain, his friends were able to call in help, and soon all were rescued.

Upon entering Starfleet Academy, Joran was both in awe and a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place, and the number of students. Fearing the same ridicule he'd received as a child, he'd shy away from others, focusing on independent study as opposed to working in groups. Instructors noticed this and reprimanded him for the behavior, stating that to being Starfleet is being a part of the community as a whole. Joran, struggling with grades and thoughts of dropping out, was soon met by a friendly happy-go-lucky Bolian by the name of Zipok Caeli. The jovial, yet hard-working cadet took Joran under his wing and introduced him both to Valen and Liara. Valen was a Bajoran female, and Liara was a Betazed female. Together the four had formed their own 'Wolf Pack'. The group was inseparable, yet they never got involved with each other romantically. They treasured their friendship above most everything else, and the protection of the group was paramount.

Joran's grades improved, and he'd even begun climbing out of the social funk he'd been in most of his life. By the time they'd made it to their cadet cruise, the group seemed to be capable of just about anything, and the Academy was taking notice. Through some stroke of luck, all four were assigned to the USS Cafferey, as a cadet security contingent. A science vessel, with no real tactical capability, the cruise was expected to be safe and boring, despite being in the midst of the Dominion War. This all came screeching to a halt when the Jem'hadar had quickly overcome the vessel in a surprise ambush. The aggressors had boarded the vessel, taking over the Bridge. Joran and his friends were below decks when the attack had hit, and were instructed to keep out of sight, in an attempt to keep the cadets safe. Not liking the idea of being sitting ducks while the ship was taken, the group slipped out and were able to liberate the less-fortified Engineering level. Joran had received a shot to the shoulder from a Jem'hadar blaster, but the 'mission' was a succes. After returning Engineering to the ship, the rest of the crew were able to apprehend the jem'hadar invaders, bringing them in for questioning. The Pack was returned to Earth and were commended on their work, graduating with honors. Due to recuperation from the blast, Joran was not able to attend the ceremony. Before graduation, while back on Earth the group was celebrating in a local bar. A couple of men, who were a bit under the weather, had come over to hit on Valen and Liara. The men were not taking no for an answer, and Crayn, though injured, stepped in, along with Zipok. The resulting fight left the two men with serious injuries and there was extensive damage done to the bar. The Academy was able to keep the incident quiet, but the cadets would have to make reparations to both the bar, and the men. Ashamed with the amount of damage he was able to do, even single-handed, Joran swore to become a pacifist, using force only if absolutely necessary, and only in defense.

After graduation, Joran was assigned to Station 167 as a Junior Security Officer. Joran was seperated from his friends for the first time, and went back to his old routine of keeping to himself. He'd met a girl there, and they became fast friends, then lovers. this was the first intimate relationship that Joran had been in, and began the string of hard relationships which he'd continued for years to come. In a turn of events, it became clear that the woman was really the girlfriend of a local crime lord, one whom Joran had an ongoing investigation on. The woman was a spy, planted, and she succeeded in destroying the investigation, along with Crayn's emotions. After the debacle, joran had put in a transfer to another station. This time, Station 419-U, in the Dulcais sector.

Coming to 419-U was a reunion, since it brought Crayn back together with the rest of the 'Wolf Pack'. Caeli, Valen, and Liara had all been assigned there in security for a bit, and welcomed Joran with open arms. Once again Joran had attempted to break out of his shyness, and made a few friends outside of the group. Though Crayn had come into his own, he'd noticed a bad attitude coming from the superior officers towards the newly assigned Ensigns. He'd spoken up about it, and though everything was explained away, Joran had earned the respect from some of the senior staff for speaking his mind, and his attempt to bring the issue to light instead of hiding it. It was this respect that saved his career when he'd made a dreadful miscalculation during a surprise Jem'Hadar attack. The miscalculation had fired a photon torpedo to the flagship of the Klingon contingent at the station, nearly causing an Intergalactic Incident. Joran had walked away with a reprimand with the condition that he never step foot on the bridge again, until he passed a Tactical qualification exam. This humiliation strengthened Joran's resolve, and he focused more on his duties. Not only did he pass the qualification, but he passed the Officer Evaluation Review with flying colors, and a grade of Expert on his marksmanship.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information, the truth of S419's true motives were kept purely top secret. The station was placed near a temporal anomaly known locally as 'The Sandstorm'. Senior officers in Starfleet Intelligence used the station to monitor abusers of this anomaly to try and change history. Intel and the Department of Temporal Investigation (DTI) had teamed with the Corp of Engineers to create a ship capable of entering the anomaly. It was here that they made first contact with the Lithians. Crystalline-based beings with the ability to assimilate other races by mere touch, an infection that rapidly spreads through the body, taking over. DTI lived in dread with the fear of a Lithian invasion of the ship, and soon all of the alpha and beta quadrants. This came to fruition on 18 Mar 2378 when the Lithians arrived from the Anomaly and attempted to take over the station. The battle was bloody, and many were lost. Joran himself had six kills while attempting to repel the invasion, but not before losing many friends. While the station was trying to stop the attack, DTI had gone into the Anomaly with the Aegis, attempting to stem the tide there. It was there that they'd realized that the Lithains were inadvertently created by them, having left an unknown micro-organism in the anomaly to grow in the streams of time and to become this race of Lithians. In an attempt to fix the error, All members of DTI and the Aegis had sacrificed themselves, destroying all evidence of their existence, and that of the Lithians. The current timeline was repaired, and all was forgotten, except for those on 419, being at the focal point of the wave. The dead were disposed of and memorialized, but the ghost of DTI's error and the pang of such a loss was permanent over the station. in an effort to contain any information about DTI and the debacle, Starfleet had closed down Station 419U, and all personnel were re-assigned.

Due to his actions and quick thinking on 419, Jo was assigned to the Lassiter and given the job of Assistant Security Chief. The assignment was much quieter and less intense then his days on 419, which he gladly relished. After some time, a change was in order, and Joran had taken a transfer to the USS Redemption, with the same position.

Personality Profile

Lieutenant JG Crayn has overcome some rather adverse conditions that came with his assignment to this station, as well as those he's carried over since his days at the Academy. He's become a more competent officer, keeping his head in his duties and taking them seriously. He's worked on lowering his stress level, and the anxiety he experiences when surrounded by groups of people. His personality and general mood have lifted. He no longer considers himself a menace or a bother, but an integral part of the ship. He continues to have relationship issues. He takes everything seriously and personally, and he has difficulty with keeping a romantic partner for any long periods of time. I think this may be due to lack of any social experiences. Treatment is ongoing.

[Lieutenant JG Barana Nebrun, Station 419-U]

Starfleet Information

47580.8: Enrolled Starfleet Academy, Security Track

51452.1: Graduated Starfleet Academy

51452.2: Commissioned Ensign

51479.5: Assigned USS Cafferey, NCC-87546, cadet cruise

52452.1: Assigned Starbase 167, Security Officer

53476.7: Assigned Station 419-Upsilon, Security Officer

53728.8: REPRIMAND: Manning a station without proper training.

54479.5: AWARD: Distinguished Service Cross

54731.5: PROMOTION: Lieutenant JG

55123.3: Assigned USS Lassiter, NCC-43586, Asst Chief Security Officer

57339.0: Assigned USS Redemption, NCC-80135, Asst Chief Security Officer


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