Abraham Corder
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Portrayed By Colin Morgan
Rank Ensign
Position Warp Drive Engineer
Station USS Redemption
Sex Male
Species Human
Age 24
Place of Birth Soltok IV
Date of Birth 21 October, 2356
Height 1.73 metres
Family Mother: Elizabeth Johnson-Corder (Deceased), Father: William Corder (Deceased), Adopted Guardian: Doctor Sheri Sanders
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance Engineering Breakfast
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

Abraham, (known as Bram to his family and friends), Corder was born in the middle of the Federation-Cardassian war, on the world of Soltok IV. His father, William Corder, was the captain of a trading/smuggling ship, the Excalibur. Not that it really deserved the name, always close to falling apart if not for the work of the ship's engineer, Tobias, and completely unarmed.

Bram spent the first few years of his life on Soltok IV with his mother, Liz, seeing his father whenever they were able to get a run back to Soltok IV. As soon as he was able to spend most of his time walking, and no longer needing a diaper, his father started taking him on some of the safer runs, where Bram started getting to know the crew as an extension of his family, and, through absorbing what others were saying and talking about, getting the first building blocks of learning how the ship worked.

When Bram was just five years old, Cardassian forces raided Soltok IV, a single strike in the chaos in the wars around that time. Bram was away with his father at the time, who had to tell him his mother was killed. While it hurt Bram at the time, and would leave in him a scar that would develop into a hatred of the Cardassians, he was too young to really remember her.

William kept Bram on the ship as a permanent passenger from then on, and started teaching him to one day take his place as captain years down the line. With little to entertain a five-year-old on a ship, he found his entertainment watching Tob (as Tobias liked to be called) work, both learning more about how the ship worked and building a closer friendship with the soft-hearted man he'd thought of as an uncle.

As the years passed, Bram got more and more used to being part of the ship. Incredibly smart, he learned fast and shortly after he'd turned eight Tob formally took Bram on as an apprentice, and Bram finally got to learn by doing.

The next four years were the happiest of Bram's life. He never felt he was missing anything by not being able to make friends outside the small crew, or by not attending a proper school. To him, the Excalibur was home, and the crew his family, and as Tob's apprentice he was never bored.

It was a few months after he'd turned twelve that tragedy struck. They were at a meeting place delivering some cargo to smugglers who planned to take it across the Romulan Neutral Zone, a job too risky to do himself by William’s standards. Unfortunately, shortly after takeoff after transferring the cargo, the ship’s systems failed. They plummeted from the sky with only time to send off a quick distress signal.

Bram was in the cargo bay, taking an impromptu break from his duties, when the ship started falling. In the rough ride that followed, some heavy equipment fell, breaking Bram's leg and pinning him to the deck. In the end, it would be the latter effect that would save his life, as when the ship crashed he wasn't violently thrown around like the rest of the crew, though he was wracked enough that the broken leg wrenched and he was knocked unconscious. .
He woke up in the medical facilities at Starbase 23, under the care of a Doctor Sheri Sanders. The next person he met was Lieutenant Alexandra Cartwright, one of the starbase’s counsellors. She told him that he was the only survivor they’d found at the crash site. She tried to help him, but he wouldn’t respond.

For a while, Bram gave up, just lying in bed. Once again, it was Sheri that helped him. Visiting him whenever she had time between other patients, she talked to him, made him open up by showing a real interest in him. She helped him see there were still good things in the future.

By the time that they discovered Bram had no living family, the two had grown incredibly close, and Sheri applied to officially adopt him. Bram would keep the name Corder, however, as it was all he had left of his father.

For the next year, they lived at Starbase 23, and Bram adapted to having a more normal life, going to school and making friends. Of course, after years as an engineer’s apprentice, he couldn’t go cold turkey on dealing with machinery, and started taking discarded devices like damaged PADDs, (considered too small for official repair work when new ones could be replicated), and started fixing them himself, or at least trying to. He also spent a lot of time doodling new designs, for everything from ship parts to entire ships. None of the designs, of course, were valid outside his imagination, but it’s a hobby he’d have the rest of his life.

Sheri was eventually transferred to the newly commissioned hospital ship USS McCoy, where she would serve as chief surgeon. Bram, of course, went with her.

Bram’s life on the McCoy was, generally, happy. As he grew older he befriended the ship’s engineers, who would lend him (unclassified) reading material and give him things to tinker with.

It wasn’t all without major event, though. In 2372, shortly after Bram turned sixteen, the ship was caught in the crossfire between Cardassian and Klingon ships while responding to a distress call. Bram was trapped in a hallway on the way back to his quarters when damage blocked off access in both directions.

His time spent reading and tinkering helped him open a sealed access to the Jefferies tubes and make his escape before he ran out of air, though he severely cut one arm in the process.

Finally, the time came and the instant he was old enough, Bram sent in his application to the Academy. Passing his entrance exam, he started to excel in most of his classes almost immediately. His engineering grades, especially, were among the top of his year. Communication, diplomacy, and history proved to be his weak subjects, though he managed to keep his grades up high enough not to fail.

Except for an incident that revealed a severe allergy to Bajoran Kava fruit, most of his first year was relatively uneventful. Until October, that is, when the Breen attacked. Bram was among the lucky ones, suffering only a few burns and a broken femur. Many of his friends were killed in the attack.

The rest of his time at the Academy was, by comparison, uneventful. His grades in systems and propulsion engineering maintained their high levels, as the others evened out to more average levels over his time at the Academy. He made friends but managed to stay out of trouble.

After a short cadet cruise aboard the USS Phoenix, he applied for the Starfleet Advanced Research Engineering School, with his project being an attempt to design a more efficient warp engine, one that could be used on scout vessels to provide high velocity without being as easily traced. With his grades at the Academy and with the quality of his proposal, he was accepted.

He would spend the next year learning advanced warp field principles and working on his project. While his personal project engine design wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped, his professors were impressed enough that he passed and was able to graduate.

Almost immediately after his graduation, his new duty assignment came in, and he reported to the USS Redemption as their new Warp Drive Engineer.

Personality Profile

Cadet Cruise Assessment: Cadet Corder is of sound mind, and fully capable of fulfilling his duties as a Starfleet officer. While he is a friendly, outgoing young man who has, despite the tragedy in his past, maintained an optimistic outlook on life, he has some issues that should be watched. His survivor's guilt over the crash of the freighter Excalibur leads him to have difficulty in passing jobs to others at the end of shifts if he has tasks to complete, even if he's facing exhaustion. He's currently working on this, and will always go off duty if ordered. One other issue is his prejudice against Cardassians, who he blames for his birth mother's death. In testing he has not let his feelings get in the way of his duties.
[Lieutenant J.G. Michael Olsen, USS Phoenix]

Starfleet Information

Stardate Type Station Position Description
51580.8 ENROLLMENT Starfleet Academy Cadet Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
55452.1 GRADUATION Starfleet Academy Cadet Graduated Starfleet Academy
55452.2 COMMISSION None None Commissioned Ensign
55479.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Phoenix, NCC-65420 Engineering Officer Assigned to USS Phoenix for Cadet Cruise
56580.8 ENROLLMENT ARES Student Enrolled Starfleet Advanced Research Engineering School
57323.3 GRADUATION ARES Student Graudated Starfleet Advanced Research Engineering School
57362.3 ASSIGNMENT USS Redemption, NCC-80135 Warp Drive Engineer Assigned to USS Redemption as Warp Drive Engineer

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