Callisandra Clough
Portrayed By Finola Hughes
Rank Commander
Position Executive Officer
Station USS Redemption
Sex Female
Species Betazoid
Age 32
Place of Birth Medara, Betazed
Date of Birth Aug. 25, 2348
Height 5'8"
Weight 130#s
Family Delya & Haber Clough, Kaityana Baker, Bealyn Clough
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

The daughter of Delya and Haber Clough, Callisandra was born as the second of three children into the Seventh Noble House of Betazed. Her older sibling, Kaityana, was the more boisterous sister during childhood, though the two evened out as they reached adulthood. An episode in Callisandra's early teens left both girls much quieter than they had been in the past, and led Callie to enroll in Starfleet, choosing the Medical tract as opposed to Psychology as was originally expected. She was a successful student, graduating 2nd in her class at both SFA and SACOM. She has been assigned to 5 tours of duty, including the Redemption, all but her second served on ships.
Callisandra's 2nd tour of duty was on board Station 419-upsilon, where she served well and quickly was promoted to the billet of Chief Medical Officer. However, her tour there was not without problems and shortly after her promotion she was temporarily relieved of duty for an episode that left her clearly shaken and fragile for some time. She recovered somewhat on the station, but truly found her place after departing for her 3rd tour on the USS Buran.
In her personal life, Callisandra has been known to be involved in only two serious relationships. The first was with the Bajoran Assistant Chief of Security on Station 419, Inich Egris. The relationship ended under trying circumstances, and Callisandra has been reluctant to become deeply involved again. However, she briefly became involved with Bren Soderic, her childhood best friend who joined her briefly on Station 419 as a civilian. This relationship ended amicably, and the two remain close. Otherwise, there has been little of personal interest for the Betazoid.

Personality Profile:

Commander Clough is typically a quiet woman, somewhat reserved for one of Betazoid heritage. She has been diagnosed with stress-induced depression twice in her history, but treatment is neither required nor ongoing at this time. She is friendly to those in her command, and to strangers she meets. She is slow to anger, but when angered can be somewhat volatile. Her dedication to her profession is doubtless, and has led her to be very cautious in allowing anger to sway her. She speaks freely of her history, but rarely discusses the two occasions that led to her depression. A full discourse on those two occasions is available to counselors in cases of proven need, but otherwise remain classified.

Starfleet Information:

Commander Clough is known to be a dedicated officer with a distinguished service record. She has proven an effective leader, and is knowledgable of Starfleet regulations and medical information. She has fairly recently moved from the Medical branch of service into Command, and the USS Redemption will be her third posting as Executive Officer - and her most prestigious to date. In the past, she has shown a quick temper, but far more mercy and compassion than anger. She is expected to fill her billet on the Redemption effectively and competently.
Classified Eta Since Betazed's occupation and subsequent liberation, Commander Clough has served intermittently at the request of Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31. The strength of her telepathic and empathic abilities have led her to a position to assist in delicate operations, though she has voiced her desire to aid in these assignments only as a last resort as Starfleet Intelligence is neither her primary focus, nor a direction she is particularly interested in taking her career. To date, these wishes have been honored, and it is expected that they will continue to be.
Classified Eta A full accounting of Commander Clough's activities during Betazed's liberation attempts is available to those ranked at Captain and above, should the information be necessary. It is not, however, available for general knowledge and should be requisitioned only in cases of proven need-to-know.


42580.8: ENROLLED: Starfleet Academy, Medical Track. Enrolled early at request of Betazoid UFP Ambassador.
46452.1: GRADUATED: Starfleet Academy, 2nd in Class
46452.2: Commissioned Ensign
47479.5: ASSIGNED: USS Vademar, NCC-26198
47580.8: ENROLLED: Starfleet Academy College of Medicine. Microbiology and Genetics. Sponsored by Cmdr Tunisha Ross, CMO USS Valdemar
50452.1: GRADUATED: SACOM. 2nd in Class
50452.2: PROMOTION: Lieutenant JG
50479.5: ASSIGNED: USS Tsiolkovsky, NCC-53911, Nurse
53142.5: ASSIGNED: Station 419-Upsilon, Nurse. Published paper soon after arrivla detailing intensive research on the human immune system.
53498.5: Performs successful dual cardiac transplant on Ferengi Ambassador Lux following discovery of severely damaged coronary arteries in both hearts.
53501.5: PROMOTION: Lieutenant
53501.6: ASSIGNED: Station 419-Upsilon, Chief Medical Officer
53603.1: Temporarily relieved of duty and charged with assaulting fellow officer, and then-fiance, LtJG Inich Egris. Charges dropped, but official reprimand placed in file for same.
53603.2: REPRIMAND: Striking a fellow officer.
53697.7: Assists in spinal replication and transplant for gravely wounded fellow officer, Lt. Dakin Rann, Chief of Security. Replication and surgery are a success, and Lt. Dakin is assured a full recovery.
53697.8: AWARD: Distinguished Service Cross for successful replication and transplant of spinal colum.
53813.3: PROMOTION: Lieutenant Commander
53813.4: ASSIGNED: USS Buran, NCC-57580, Chief Medical Officer
54187.3: Assigned to assist in liberation of Betazed. Classified Eta.
54772.9: AWARD: Starfleet Silver Star for heroism in service during Dominion Conflict and liberation of Betazed.
54773.0: REASSIGNED: USS Buran, NCC-57580, Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer
55580.8: ENROLLED: Starfleet Command School
55871.2: GRADUATED: Starfleet Command School
56104.1: ASSIGNED: USS Firebrand, NCC-68723, Executive Officer
57239.0: PROMOTION: Commander
57329.1: ASSIGNED: USS Redemption, NCC-80135, Executive Officer

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