Background Room

Finally, here is where you will post the narrative version of your character's full background, or life story. Your character's background will be viewed only by yourself, storytellers, and wizards. It is important that you provide a full and complete view of your character. Most important is that your background explains and provides additional information on your fields, and your timelines, and that it explains your characters skills, strengths, as well as weaknesses.

For ease of reading by our staff, we ask that you store your background in multiple sections, with each section being no longer than 3900 character (50 lines, at 78 characters per line). After you are finished storing your background, please check it to make sure no parts were cut off, and everything is formatted as you want it. If you need help formatting your background (creating new paragraph breaks, etc.), ask on the <Newbie> chat channel.

To see examples of other characters' backgrounds, go to the Roster page and look at some of the characters' wiki pages. Keep in mind, most players have removed a few of their secrets from those texts, but it will give you a good idea of what you are doing.

Entering the Background

To store a background section: '+cg/bg #=<entry>'
To wipe a background section: '+cg/bg #='

To view your background table of contents: '+cg/bg'
To view a specific background entry: '+cg/bg #'

When you are finished, type N to continue to the next room, Finishing Touches.

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