Character Creation

Applying for a character on Star Trek: Redemption is a simple process. First, think about what position you are applying for. Take a look at Careers to see many of your options. Then check out Races to determine your character's race, and decide on a Name, gender, and so on. Also, begin thinking about your character's background (the story of his life thus far).

NOTE: At this time we are no longer accepting imported character backgrounds from Anomaly/Gamma One. You may still utilize your character name, however we are asking that your background be written fresh based on our theme. Thanks!

Also, we are only taking Enlisted, Ensigns and Lieutenant JG's, as well as civilians. Lieutenant rank or higher, and Department Head and Asst. Department Head positions will require staff pre-approval (before beginning CharGen), and will require three samples of previous RP logs (from any game) that each demonstrate a different facet of your exceptional RP ability.

If you have a specialized character concept (i.e. a character with unique abilities or unusual information in their background), it is advisable to check with a member of staff to ensure the concept is valid before writing up an application. See Staff for a list of staff members.

In order to assist new players in creating a character, we have created this section of the wiki to detail the process step by step. We recommend you follow along in your MUSH client window, leaving the OOC Lounge and entering CharGen room.

After reading the welcome screen, type N and proceed to the next step, Fields.

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