Application Process

Applying for a character on Star Trek: Redemption is a simple process. First, decide what position you are applying for. Read 'cg careers' to see what's currently needed. Then read 'cg races' to determine your character's race, and decide on a name, background, gender, and so on.

When ready, head into the 'Chargen Start' exit off the OOC Lounge and begin.

Please note: We are only taking Ensigns, Lieutenant JG's, and Lieutenant's , as well as civilians and enlisted. Lieutenant Commander or higher may be considered with an excellent application, or if applying for a Department Head position.

If you have a specialized character concept (i.e. a characters with special abilities or special information in their background) it is advisable to check with a member of staff to ensure the concept is valid before writing up an application. See +staff/all for a list of staff members.

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