Race Centaurans
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Alpha Centauri IV
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Centaurans NAMES

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Personality: Centaurans value peace, beauty, thought, and spirituality. They
prefer long-term thought and planning, centering on core moral principles.
This can make Centaurans somewhat asocial, or even hesitant to act.

Physical Description: Centaurans resemble humans down to the mitochondrial
DNA level. Genetic scans indicate that Centauran and Human stocks diverged
roughly 400,000 years ago; Centaurans may have been 'seeded' on Alpha Centauri
by the Preservers or a similar species.

Homeworld: Alpha Centauri IV, a beautiful ringed planet orbiting two stars
(a yellow dwarf and an orange dwarf) of a trinary star system.

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Culture: Centaurans seek out beauty throughout the galaxy; where they find no
beauty, they try to make some. This attitude spurred the development of Alpha
Centauri's most famous technological discipline, terraforming, and its
favorite art form, holography. Centaurans treat ecologies as art forms,
attempting to create harmony and beauty; these skills were crucial to the
Centauran effort to rebuild Earth after World War III. Warp drive inventor
Zefram Cochrane moved to Alpha Centauri and became a planetary hero there, as
well; Centauran diplomats aided Earth in unifying its governments and finally
banishing the specter of war from the Human home world. Collective memories
of shameful rights abuses during the terrible Plague Years motivate the
Centauran people. They have sworn to never again permit themselves to allow
the fears of the majority to override the sacred freedoms of the individual.
Any decision that favors expediency over principle will draw spirite arguement
from any Centauran in your midst.

Centaurans see themselves as long-term thinkers. A favorite proveb says -
"Worry about tomorrow, and today will take care of itself." To embark on a
course action without exhaustively exploring all of its possible
rammifications is completely irresponsible. On a starship, this habitual
hesitation and introspection often proves to be a Centauran's worst enemy.
Some Centaurans find it difficult to unhesitatingly obey a snap order. In an
emergency situation, even a sliver of a puse can be deadly, so Centauran
starship officers stive to overcome this habit. On the other hand, they enjoy
a positive image as far-thinking rear-echelon strategists.

Languages: Centauran Prime, Federation Standard

Common Names: Common Centauran practice puts the personal ame first, followed
by the family name.

Family Names: Aacra, Asephas, Eltrin, Jascar, Kavic, Laikan, Myrrin,
Palmer, Skaelas

Male Names: Abar, Gan, Jem, Nautan, Severin, Vax, Zefram

Female Names: Arinda, Dana, Hesta, Kathar, Kotei, Kulei, Shayna, Sherai,

Favored Profession: Almost any. Like their Human cousins, Centaurans fill a
dizzying variety of roles within Starfleet. They avoid the careers of rogues
and soldiers, however Centauran culture greatly rewards scientists and
mystics, and Centaurans make excellent diplomats and starship counselors.

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