Race Cardassians
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld Cardassia Prime
Federation Membership Status NonMember
Famous Cardassians NAMES

Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: No, Treaty signed

Personality: Most other species regard Cardassians as aggressive, harsh, and
xenophobic; and capable of great cleverness, cunning, and eloquence.
Cardassians prefer to deal with others from positions of strength
whenever possible, whether that strength be military, intellectual, or social.

Physical Description: Descended from a species with reptilian and mammalian
traits, Cardassians have gray skin and black hair. They are as tall as, but
slightly heavier and broader than, Humans. Elongated vertebrae covered with
scalelike plates support their necks. Segmented brow ridges almost encircle
their eyes; they have slightly less pronounced unsegmented ridges along the
nose, chin, and jawline. A /chufa/, or spoon-shaped vertical protrusion,
stands out from the center of the forehead

Homeworld: Cardassia Prime, the third of eight planets orbiting the star

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Cardassian Culture: The Cardassians once possessed a rich, vibrant culture,
but because their world has few resources, they eventually found themselves
ignoring loftier matters to concentrate on simple survival. The result was
/veresh-var/, a gradual decline of Cardassian civilization that lasted for
centuries. Art and religion were abandoned in a desperate struggle for
survival that gave rise to a harsh military dictatorship. All Cardassians
were expected to serve the needs of the state, from providing a molar for
identification purposes to living under strict authoritarian laws.

By the 23rd and 24th centuries, the Central Command (the military) and the
Obsidian Order (the intelligence agency) dominated Cardassia. Necessarily
harsh and aggressive, the Cardassians turned outward to solve their resource
problems. Their first encounter with the Klingons led to an 18 year long war.
Similarly, they approached their early encounters with the Federation with
suspicion and mistrust, perhaps seeing the Federation as a competitor for
resources and hindrance on their ability to expand. The most infamous
example of their ruthlessness exploitation of other worlds can best be seen on

Although this militaristic culture lauded devotion to the state and purported
to reward citizens based on merit, personal contacts and influence (vesala)
were what really mattered. Among Cardassians, who you know is far more
important that what you know. Another Cardassian tradition to survive is
devotion to one's family; Cardassians typically give preference to family
members over outsiders, which sometimes leads to someone holding a position
not because of their abilities, but rather because of a well-placed relative.
The price for failure, however, ranges from exile to death, so even the most
undeserving officer quickly learns his job.

After the Dominion War, which left over 800 million Cardassians dead, they may
chart a newer, better course and leave veresh-var behind… or continue down
the same terrible path.

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Language: Cardassian

Common Names: Cardassians place the given name first and family name second.

Family Names: Belor, Damar, Darhe'el, Dukat, Entek, Evek, Garak,
Ghemor, Hadar, Jasad, Khoreth, Kovat, Lang, Madred,
Makbar, Marratt, Marritza, Moset, Ocett, Pa'Dar,
Rejal, Tain, Zarale

Male Name: Aamin, Crell, Elim, Enabran, Ghosar, Hogue, Mekor,
Meros, Poren, Rugal, Talarn, Tekeny, Veroz

Female Names: Dejar, Gilora, Heena, Iliana, Natima, Rekelen, Ulani

Additional Notes:

All Cardassians receive intense mental training during childhood. Most have a
photographic memory of anything they directly encounter.

Cardassian's thick skin and tough bodies allow them to tolerate pain better
than other species.

Even the most innocuous relationship with a Cardassian could be part of an
elaborate plot.

Cardassians are generally good at extracting information from others, through
careful questioning, subterfuge, or interrogation.

Corruption, influence peddling, graft, and nepotism afflict Cardassian
society—often it's who a Cardassian knows, not what he knows, that matters.
Every Cardassian has vesala, a vast and elaborate web of personal contacts,
influence, and friends who help him get things done. Someone does a favor for
him, he does a favor in return, and then they use and exchange vesala.

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