Race Bolians
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Bolarus IX
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Bolians NAMES

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Personality: The typical Bolian is gregarious, hardworking, and meticulous.
Bolians enjoy cooperative work of all kinds; this can make them busybodies or
(when the work isn't going well) worrywarts. When the chips are down,
however, you can always count on a Bolian—their selflessness is legendary.

Physical Description: Bolians are blue-skinned humanoids with a visible
cartilaginous ridge bifurcating their heads. Their cobalt-based blood
chemistry is compatible with Andorians, but toxic to Vulcans.

Homeworld: Bolarus IX is a stormy, oceanic world orbiting a red dwarf star.

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Culture: Bolians' native wanderlust led them to explore and settle their
planet early, shaking out into three superpowers after a few centuries of
warfare. The three nations made first contact with a pair of warring planets,
Iren and Uzor, whose rivalry nearly plunged Bolarus IX into global warfare.
Fortunately, Federation explorers were able to defuse the situation, but
Bolian national rivalries prevented them from gaining Federation membership
until 2320, after Bolian self-sacrifice, unity, and efficiency saved the
people of Uzor from the collapse of their star. These traits, along with a
ravenous appetite for work and learning, have stood them well as Federation

Languages: Bolian, Federation Standard

Common Names: Bolians from the largest continent, Rasara, take only a single,
family name; other Bolians take two names. Bolians generally only use their
family name in casual dealings.

Family Names: Adislo, Franek, Haro, Mot, Parrin, Rixx, Taneko, Tannekar,
Vadosia, Vaxx

Male Names: Boq'ta, Darz, Hars, Kovin, Kot, Morin, Mot, Rim, Sef, V'Sal

Female Names: Alba, Darzana, Halora, Mitena, Syldra, Vado

Favored Professions: Starship Officer. Bolians work well in professions that
privilege group cooperation and group effort; every branch of starship service
suits their desire for teamwork and structure. Bolians also make good
merchants, scientists, and soldiers. Bolians enjoy diplomacy, and some of
them are quite good at it. Bolian nationalists have occasionally joined
criminal gangs such as the Orion Syndicate—they make good rogues in those

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