Race Betazoids
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Bedazed
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Betazoids Deanna Troi

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Personality: The typical Betazoid is calm, quiet, peaceful, gregarious, and
amicable. Betazoid altruism and compassion are renowned throughout the
galaxy. Many people regard Betazoids as pacifistic, and while many of them
are, this is by no means a universal trait, as the Jem'Hadar learned to their
dismay during the occupation of Betazed.

Physical Description: Betazoids possess the same average height, weight, and
build as Humans. Most of them have skin tones ranking from pink to olive, and
black or brown hair, though darker hues of skin and lighter hair are not
unknown. They dress in no particular style, with each Betazoid wearing
whatever pleases him.

Homeworld: Betazed, a beautiful, temperate world orbiting a star of the same

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Betazoid Culture: Betazoids possess a rich culture dating back thousands of
years. According to semi historical accounts, the mighty Khrysaros, and later
his disciple Rixx, used their mental powers to defeat Betazed's enemies and
inspired the planet to unify under a theocratic oligarchy.

Their society is strongly matriarchal, with women leading many of the Great
Houses of Betazed, and thus occupying seats on the ruling council, though they
do not discriminate based on gender. They have a love of nature, as well, and
do as little as possible to disturb the environment if they can; their
architecture has long been remarkable for both beauty and its seamless
integration with natural surroundings.

Betazoid culture and society revolve in large part around telepathy.
Betazoids rarely speak with each other, preferring telepathic communication,
so an eerie (to nontelepaths) silence fills many of their buildings and
cities. Many forms of Betazoid art consists of images, visions, and themes
telepathically imbedded in an object, which an observer experiences by
scanning it. Many types of Betazoid technology, such as their famed gift
boxes, respond only to telepathic probes or the neural waves of a specific

Many Betazoids do not like species whose minds they cannot understand. They
feel helpless when confronted by beings of telepathically "mute" species, such
as Ferengi or Breen, not knowing what to say or how to react. Others,
however, seek out the company of such beings, because of the telepathic quiet
this engenders. Still others seek out truly strange, alien minds, such as
those of the Medusans, Gomtuu, and Tholians, in order to foster understanding
or expand their telepathic abilities. Many Betazoids dislike liars, due to
their strong sense of honesty.

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Culture (continued): The famed Code of Sentience governs all Betazoids. Its
dictates and ramifications sometimes seem endless, but boil down to tow
provisions. First, a Betazoid respects all sentient life as sacred, even the
lives of his enemies, and harms sentients only in dire need. Second, a
Betazoid never uses his telepathic abilities on another person without
permission (or to provide emergency aid). A Betazoid who violates the Code
suffers not only harsh legal penalties, but also the scorn and rejection of
his fellows.

Family holds a place of importance in Betazoid life; many Betazoids,
particularly the members of the ancient Great Houses (who still receive some
preference and a greater degree of respect in society), can trace their
ancestry for centuries. Even today, some Betazoids arrange marriages by
genetically bonding two children at birth, though grown children often cast
aside this bond in favor of marrying their 'imzadi' ("beloved").

Languages: Betazoid, Federation Standard

Common Names: Betazoids place the given name first, the family name second.

Family Names: Elbrun, Grax, Hagen, Morganth, Stadi, Suder
Male Names: Andrus, Lon, Reittan, Tam, Talloc
Female Names: Azuma, Deanna, Jemma, Kestra, Lwaxana, Yaxara

Additional Notes:

Peaceful: Betazoids prefer to settle differences through peaceful means, and
Betazoid diplomats are highly sought after.

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