Race Bajorans
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Bajor
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Bajorans Major Kira Neres

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Protectorate

Personality: Most Bajorans are peaceful, contemplative people who simply wish
to live in peace with their neighbors. The Cardassian occupation, however,
turned many Bajorans into ruthless, passionate soldiers will to do anything to
protect their homeworld from threats to it's independence and security.

Physical Description: Bajorans possess the same average height, weight, and
variation in skin tone and hair color as Humans. The only outward physical
difference is a series of vertical ridges along the bridge of the nose. They
prefer loose-fitting clothes in a variety of earth tones and other subdued
colors. Many of them also wear distinctive earrings to display their devotion
to the Prophets. In times past, the design of the earring also revealed a
Bajoran's caste, but many modern Bajorans have discarded that tradition.

Homeworld: Bajor, the seventh of fourteen planets orbiting Bajor-B'hava'el, is
a pleasant world similar in most respects to Earth.

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Culture: Bajoran culture began approximately 30,000 years ago. Through two
multiple-millennia republics, periods of balkanization and chaos, and a brutal
occupation by the Cardassians, it has remained largely unified and coherent.
The Bajoran religion, which forms the cornerstone of the culture, centers on
the worship of enigmatic beings known as the Prophets, who live in the
Celestial Temple (the Bajoran wormhole). Through their sacred texts and
hundreds of prophecies recorded over the ages, Bajorans attempt to understand
the will of the Prophets and live according to their wisdom. An elaborate
hierarchy of religious officials ranjens, prylars, and vedeks, all under the
guidance of the kai
quides and teaches the Bajorans and participates in
planetary government via the Vedek Assembly.

People all over the Alpha Quadrant also know Bajor for it's art. From
painting and sculpture to literature and song, the Bajorans produce works of
art, both religious and secular, envied and admired by many other
civilizations. Sales of artistic and craft products form a significant part
of Bajor's interstellar economy.

Language: Bajoran

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Common Names: Bajorans place the surname before the given name. For example,
Kira Nerys's given name is Nerys; Kira is her family name (and the one she
uses in conjunction with her military rank).

Family Names: Akorem, Anjohl, Bareil, Faren, Jaro, Kalem, Kira, Krim,
Kubus, Latara, Latha, Lenaris, Li, Ro, Shakaar, Tahna,
Trentin, Varis, Winn, Woban
Male Names: Antos, Edon, Essa, Furel, Holem, Hovath, Kag, Laan, Los,
Mabrin, Nalas, Oak, Poi, Reon, Taban, Tennan
Female Names: Adami, Fala, Laren, Leeta, Lupaza, Meru, Neela, Nerys,

Additional Notes:

Artistic: Bajorans are generally artistic, and even the average citizens
practice some form of artistic expression as a hobby.

Faithful: Religion permeates Bajoran society as every child learns to respect
the Prophets. Even those who reject the Prophets can cite quotes from the
Sacred Texts and know the proper rituals.

Pagh: All Bajorans possess a pagh—roughly speaking, a "soul," though the term
also refers to an individuals courage or "life force". If a Bajoran heeds the
word and will of the Prophets and lives his life properly, the Prophets
support and replenish his pagh, and it remains strong and pure. If he turns
away from the Prophets (for example, to worship the evil Pah-wraiths) or acts
evilly, his pagh becomes dark and corrupt.

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