Race Aurelian
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Aurelia
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Aurelians Names

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Aurelians are winged bipedal humanoids from the planet Aurelia in the star
system Hercules. Their wingspan extends to about 10 feet, and they are
excellent aerialists.

Aurelians are very graceful creatures apparently descended from birds. They
live in mountainous regions of their world, building their homes in caves that
they excavate themselves. They are excellent workers in stone, and some have
become famous throughout the Federation for their finely executed sculptures.

Aurelians have feathers on their wings as well as their elbows, knees, chest,
and lower torso. They are about as tall as an average to tall Terran. Their
bones are hollow, with many cavities which serve the dual purpose of making
the bones lighter, but stronger. Their bone structure is still considered
delicate by Federation standards.

They are very interested in history, especially Federation history, and make
excellent additions to any corps of scientists and/or historians.

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