Race Andorians
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Andoria
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Andorians Names


Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Physical Description: Andorians come from the frigid planet of Andoria. They
are characterized by their blue skin, white hair and antennae. Andorians are
a basically-mammalian species, though their unusual 'ghelnoid' biology gives
them an underpinning of uncommon traits, such as cobalt-rich blood and tissue,
the antennae that enhance their hearing and sense of vibration and air-
pressure, a semi-cartilaginous skeleton with an internal chest-carapace and
organs compartmentalized by chitinous bows and plates, and a secondary lymph-
based circulatory system.

Andorian Culture: Andorians are a near-mammalian humanoid species native to
the world of Andoria, an icy class-M planet orbiting a blue-white giant star
30 times larger than Sol and lying approximately 275 light-years in a roughly
coreward direction from the Sol system. If it were not for heavy background
radiation and what would otherwise be considered unstable volcanic tectonics,
Andoria, the 5th world in the system, would have been unable to sustain
all but the most rudimentary life, and so the life that has developed there is
hardy, falling under an odd taxonomic half-classification known as 'ghelnoid',
which is how Andorians refer to themselves in the same way a human might
consider himself a 'higher primate'.

As might be assumed on a planet where weather conditions are severe and
predators abound, Andorians evolved a clan-based social structure which even
in modern times has not been discarded. Andorians live communally in one of
three basic social structures, from largest to smallest.

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kethni (singular: keth), a clan of Andorians. The biggest 300 kethni form the
ruling council of the Andorian people, and clans come and go under strict
rules. A keth is ruled by an atlolla, best translated as 'chieftain', and in
modern times tend to fall as much along lines of social and cultural interests
as bloodline. kethni do interrelate and intermarry.

'lodges', or temporary-but-stable communities of Andorians living amongst non-
Andorian majorities. In Starfleet, each station, ship, colony, or outpost with
a heavy Andorian complement will combine several living quarters to form a
lodge where all Andorians can go and live. Families (see below) sometimes do
not; but it is very rare for any single adult Andorian to live Outside The
Lodge, a formal term with deep significance (see below). Andorians in lodges
do sleep and dine communally, even in modern lodges were side chambers exist
for private study, work, and play.

'quads', or marriage structures. Andorian marriages consist of four adults,
usually two male-female couples. Andorians usually find their beloveds, and
then seek a compatible couple to complete a 'quad', after which the two
couples settle into their home, or a lodge, and raise their children as one
family. Children born to either pair of a quad belong equally to the quad with
only semantics or subtle word usage differentiating between grades of kinship.
A son born to couple 1 of a quad would consider a son born to couple 2 his
brother, no less than if they shared one or both parents. Andorian quads, if
they have many children, sometimes split off from a lodge to have separate
'single family' living space, but smaller quads can and do remain in lodges
for the sake of community.

Andorian marriage bonds are stronger than just about anything. To an Andorian,
the remaining three adults of the quad are life mates, even more important
than children born to the quad. An Andorian force to choose his spouses over
his children in a medical emergency, or forced to duel his own father to
defend the honor of his wife, will do so with little hesitation.

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Andorians have little nudity taboos. Non-Andorian visitors to a lodge or
family home will see much blue skin.

Andorians have unique patterns to their senses of smell and taste. For
example, salt is spicy to an Andorian, and macho Andorians like to eat hearty
Andorian, Terran, or Klingon roasted meat dishes sprinkled liberally with
salt. Some Andorian Starfleet officers drink highly salted Margaritas or
Bloody Marys once introduced to them by humans at Starfleet Academy. Other
favorite drinks include sweet Agranu wine, as well as the earthy/rich ales
brewed by keth Endilev, and famous to non-Andorians as 'Andorian ale' in the
same way non-Irish humans think of 'Guinness' when they think of stouts.

Andorian concepts of community and team-effort show in their sports and games.
Andorians prefer team play to solo play, except when it comes to fencing —
Andorian sports include kochek, a cross between hockey and jai-alai played
between three teams wearing spiked footwear on ice, as well as team-based
dueling and martial arts competitions. Andorians are a warrior culture, and
this shows in their fencing and unarmed martial arts styles. The two most
common Andorian blades are the chaka, an unwieldy three-bladed hand-weapon
similar to the Klingon bat'leth and serving a similar honor-blade function,
too heavy and awkward to carry in day-to-day use and reserve mostly for honor
duels and ceremonies; and the hrisal, a lightly curved short-sword. Most duels
of honor are performed with the chaka, while most duty functions are met with
the hrisal. Andorians practice a kickboxing art known as kharakom and a brutal
wrestling art known as hleshvalath.

Unlike the Klingons, whose honor reinforces and exults their drive to battle,
the Andorian honor and sense of right and wrong functions to rein in and
*direct* their admittedly-violent nature. (I like to use the analogy where, as
much as Klingons resemble Vikings, Andorians tend to somewhat more resemble
the attitude of feudal Japanese bushido.) Much of their dueling culture, in
fact, has its roots in the instinctive importance of tribe and family, and the
security of the individual's place within it. Life on harsh Andoria has shaped
the species in a way that cannot be underestimated; social bonds and clan
prestige are closely wedded to the perception of survival itself, and nothing
is dearer to Andorians than family.

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Of course, not all, or even most, Andorians are identified first as warriors;
fighting, or the possibility of fighting, is simply a part of life, one they
embrace passionately, despite the fact that ritual duels have made *war* a
thing of the past on their worlds, many defend the Federation with a romantic
fervor. Andorians can be seen as alternately stoic and tempestuous; more
likely to seethe than bluster, smile thinly rather than laugh out loud; their
sensitive hearing and a culture of expressing their emotions tend to make them
deceptively soft-spoken and subtle in expression to others. A certain number
of Andorians, especially those in mixed crews, may actually *adopt* a truly
stoic manner, at least with other species, in order to seem more 'in control'
to more emotionally-reserved peoples.

With only one exception, all of the many Andorian religions view marriage as a
secular social contract, honored but not promoted by the religious hierarchy.

Other Andorian religions include Eila Clahd, a back-to-nature faith which
decries technological advancement; Emasha Yul, a polytheistic faith; Hastra
Bei Hastra, a very common non- idolatrous faith combining beliefs in
reincarnation, purification of the soul, and strict scholasticism, with one
wild high holiday a year to allow for a break from its relative asceticism;
and Umarinism, a popular modern religious construct advocating the duty of
Andorians to keep their passionate warrior natures alive and strong to set a
holy example for the less passionate races of the Federation. Much more can be
said about all of these Andorian religions, were space permitting.

One thing to note: Seismic instabilities and cold weather make the few freely
flowing liquid water seas on Andoria so treacherous that most Andorian
religions conceive of watery hells. Andorians are not fond of swimming.

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Andorians encountered the Orions and Rigellians first, then the Vulcans and
Tellarites, then Humanity. Relations with the Orions have always been love-
hate, while relations with the Tellarites are usually a hot-tempered loving
rivalry similar to a younger and older sibling. Vulcans, of course, are never
really understood, but some Andorians claim that Vulcan passion is simply
harder to ignite, but flares hotter when finally put to the torch. Upon
joining the Federation at its founding, Andorians fought for the same right as
the other founding races to reserve one starship of every 'generation' to be
crewed mostly by their own kind.

Common Names: Andorians potentially carry three names; a personal name, a
family/House name, and a keth (clan) name. Since they are a clannish
species, and especially historically tended to live almost *exclusively* among
people who have the same keth name, the personal name is used for most
purposes, including those which Humans might use a surname for. We'll compare,
my character, for instance, with, say a Lieutenant Ilya Markovich Karpov , in
parenthesis. Taila's full name is Taila Pah'riin Birev, (Ilya Markovich
Karpov) would be Taila to her friends, (Ilya) and addressed as Lt. Taila, (Lt
Karpov) or, where a full name would be used, Lt. Taila Birev. (Lt. Ilya
Karpov) As a general rule, it wouldn't be considered proper to use the clan or
house names without the personal name, though this wouldn't be a matter of
offense; it might just seem to an Andorian like calling our Johnny "Hey,
Karpov," at his own family reunion.

The family or 'middle' name is included for a little flavor; but is used in
most formal address, introductions, and as an affectionate term much as the
Russian culture uses a patronymic for the middle name, (eg, Ilya Markovich)
ie, Taila's close friends, especially from her own clan, might call her "Taila
Pah'riin." Though the family name is actually the most analogous thing
Andorians have to a Terran surname, the complicated social nuance of it makes
the clan name more practical for public use.

Exceptions may occur, for instance, an Andorian with a personal name that's
just plain *hard to pronounce,* might well use their clan name as Earthers use
surnames. Now, on to the Andorians themselves…

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