All characters were born some time. It is important to remember in Star Trek: Redemption that all ages are measured in Terran (Earth) years. Also, some races age faster or slower than others (such as Vulcans), so the average real life limitations of human age are not as applicable here.

When choosing your age, remember a couple of things, which affect it. The first, is your Race. As mentioned above, a Vulcan could be 130, and still in the prime of his life. The second is your Ranks and position. It takes time to prove yourself and get a promotion. The higher your rank, the older you most certainly are. The required minimum ages for each Rank are listed below. Lastly, your Career choice will affect it as well. Certain positions require more schooling than others. A Doctor, for example, spends longer in school than a shuttle pilot. These requirements are listed on the Careers page, and also below.

The guidelines below are based on a human's aging and development.


  • Starfleet Academy - If Entrance Exam is passed on first attempt, a human enters the Academy at 18 years of age. After passing the Entrance Exam, the Academy classes start on Aug 01, and the year ends on Jun 15. On Jun 25, Graduates receive their assignments. Barring any suspensions or failing any semesters, Duration: 4 years
  • Cadet Cruise - A Starfleet Academy Cadet's final (Senior) year, prior to Graduation, is spent getting the feel for their chosen department's duties on a Cadet Cruise. Cadet Cruises are training tours aboard a starship, where seasoned officers supervise a crew of primarily Cadets, giving them hands on experience aboard a starship.

Advanced Training Programs

You may wish to have had your character go through an advanced training program, because of his Career choice, or perhaps one was required because of his Rank. Here are the programs, along with how long they take. Unless your Rank or Career requires one, these are optional for your character. With the exception of Starfleet Medical School (Doctors would embark into Medical School immediately following their Cadet Cruise), members of Starfleet may take these at any time.

  • Advanced Legal Training - Duration: 3 weeks
  • Advanced Medical Training - Duration: 5 weeks
  • Advanced Tactical Training - Duration: 12 weeks
  • Branch Officer Training - Duration: 6 weeks
  • Bridge Certification Training - Duration: 3 weeks
  • Command School - Duration: 14 weeks
  • Daystrom Institute - Duration: 8 weeks
  • Exocultural Relations School - Duration: 6 weeks
  • Officer Candidate School - Duration: 8 weeks
  • Officer Exchange Program - Duration: 12 weeks
  • School of Diplomacy - Duration: 4 weeks
  • Starfleet Medical School - Duration: 4 years
  • Strategic Operations Training - Duration: 6 weeks
  • Vulcan Science Academy - Duration: 12 weeks

Rank Minimums

To prevent a game filled with twenty year old Commanders, Redemption requires a minimum number of years in service at each rank included in your background. These requirements do not necessarily apply to advancements made in game, only to your history.

The minimum time required spent at each rank is:

  • Ensign - 1 year
  • Lieutenant J.G - 2 years
  • Lieutenant - 4 years
  • Lieutenant Commander - 6 years
  • Commander - 10 years

This means, a PC human entering play as a Commander, with an exemplary record and fastest promotion opportunities, will be a minimum of 35 years old.

Enters Academy at 18 years old
Stays there 4 years
Is an Ensign for 1 year
Is a Lt. JG for 2 year
Is Lieutenant for 4 year
Is a Lt. Commander for 6 year
Makes him 35 years old
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